You’re Not the Boss of Me! A Writer’s Lament

If you’ve ever decided to embark on a big writing journey, like writing a book, you have been in this place. The place where writer’s block takes hold and stops you in your tracks before you even begin.

  • Who will want to read this book?
  • What makes me think I can do this?
  • Is my writing even any good?
  • What will people think of me once they read my book?
  • What if I don’t sell a single copy?
  • What if I can’t finish writing it?
  • What if I give up before I begin, like all of the other things in my life?
  • What if I do all of this work and it is all for nothing?
  • What if I am actually a terrible writer and I have been living under a grandiose fallacy for years?
  • What makes me think that what I have to say is something special?
  • Other people have already written about this topic, and probably better, why should I even try?

Name It, Soothe It, Move It

  • Go for a quick or long walk
  • Take your shoes off and walk in the grass
  • Dance to one of your favorite songs
  • Shake the energy out, literally shaking your arms and legs
  • Do some stretching or yoga
  • Do 10 squats, jumping jacks, and or pushups



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Heather Doyle Fraser

Heather Doyle Fraser

Author, Publisher, Coach mixing compassionate practice with writing. Renaissance Woman & Lover of Books, Haikus, Nature & Moving My Body… My Voice Is My Art