For the Love of Letters

  1. He knew his audience. He wrote specifically for one person and everything was tailored to his knowledge of her.
  2. He knew his why. He wrote for my grandmother, but also for his self-expression. This dual-purpose allowed him to access and share his thoughts and feelings in a way that nothing else could.
  3. He knew how he needed to show up. He was committed to his consistency. A commitment to writing isn’t easy but its rewards are huge. For my grandfather, this commitment brought him joy and satisfaction. (This commitment brought joy and satisfaction to my grandmother as well and he knew that, too.)

So today, I invite you to take a page from my grandfather’s letter-writing history and make some history of your own.

Write today.

Write for yourself.

Write for someone you love.

Write with purpose and passion.

Write with depth.

Write with commitment.



Author, Publisher, Coach mixing compassionate practice with writing. Renaissance Woman & Lover of Books, Haikus, Nature & Moving My Body… My Voice Is My Art

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