The writing process is something I love. I have a reverence for it because the process is so similar to living life. To me, the process of showing up for life and all of its ups and downs, ins and outs, plateaus, plummets, and ascensions is sacred. There is a…

by Heather Doyle Fraser

You’re a wily, sly

One, skulking beneath the page,

Waiting to burst forth.

When I stare at the

Blank abyss, you come boldly,

Stopping me again.

If you’ve ever decided to embark on a big writing journey, like writing a book, you have been in this place. The place where writer’s block takes hold and stops you in your tracks before you even begin.

Our first instinct is to resist: You’re not the boss of me! I will write RIGHT NOW! Sometimes just being…

October 28, 2020


by Heather Doyle Fraser

My voice resonates.

In the dark there is light as

My voice carries me.

My voice reminds me that I am not alone. And as I write and coach and sing, it reminds my readers, my clients, and the…

Some painting I did as an inspiration piece for writing a haiku as part of my two-week haiku challenge.




Recently, I created a challenge on my social media channels — The 2-Week Haiku Challenge. This challenge is designed for people who are writers, creatives, entrepreneurs, and others who are in need of a boost of creativity, community, and…

Heather Doyle Fraser

Writer, Coach, Self-Publishing Consultant, Renaissance Woman & Creative, Musician, Lover of Books, Nature & Moving My Body… My Voice Is My Art

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